Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Paktermo A.Ş Quality / OHSAS Policy

. Moving from customer satisfaction to customer first,
to provide necessary products and services in this direction by perceiving

. To give our employees the necessary training in thinking that we will take quality together,
to include them in the Quality Management system and to improve working conditions continuously
increase satisfaction

. To use limited resources in the most economic way while working and to protect the environment

. To provide services and products at the desired time, in a quality and safe manner

. To ensure that suppliers and subcontractors comply with quality policy

. Establishment of Occupational Health and Safety knowledge in plant personnel

. In the event of an accident or emergency in which the processes may occur while our processes are being carried out
work is done to reduce losses most

. All local and national laws, regulations and standards related to Occupational Health and Safety issues

. Occupational Diseases and Injuries, All Risks in Occupational Health and Safety
protective measures are taken to reduce the most

. To comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001 integrated system,
and at the same time; To the conditions set by the OHSAS legislation
we commit ourselves as senior management.

Paktermo is not only in the country, but also in the direction of the targets determined abroad;

. To take place as a quality and competitive company,
. In this direction, to continuously improve business processes,
. To use advanced technology in production,
. To work with a professional technical staff,

Our Quality and OHSAS Policy is to help employees understand and
training was provided. Quality and OHSAS Policy, Management Review (YGG)
at meetings, and updated as needed.


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