The corrugated metal gas hose assemblies according to this European Standard are suitable far the connection of domestic appliances inside or outside a dwelling using gas at a pressure lower than 0,5 bar. Gas hoses are suitable far 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases. These gases are commonly refered to as manufactured gases, natural gases and liquid petrolium gases (LPG).

The gas hose is designed in accordance with EN14800 and EN1775 ( to keep resistance to high temperature - 650°C during at least 30 minutes). The hose is made of stainless steel. it has a stainless steel braid, welded to the fittings in order to reinforce the hose and provide necessary resistance to traction. PVC Cover is an external protection of hose from environmental and other outside influences. in this way, gas hose is of the highest level of quality, safety and flexibility.

Paktermo EN14800 gas hoses, when properly installed and correctly used, under normal chemical, mechanical and thermal condition will provide long term safe operation without degradation.

Hose Material: Stainless Steel AISI316L
Nominal Diameter: DN12
Fittings Material: Stainless Steel AISI304/303 
Fittings Type: Nut / Nipple / Valf / Termal Socket / 90° Elbow 
Braid: Stainless Steel AISI303
Shrink: PVC
Gasket: Nbr (EN 549)
Max. Working Pressure: 0.5 bar

Lenght: 0.50m - 0.75m - 1.00m - 1.25m - 1.50m - 2.00m


 EN14800 Gas Hose with Safety Fittings
The fitting serves as the gas valve, thus it is not necessary to use another gas valve as by the hoses with the threaded fittings. Gas hose with a handle far fitting type 657 shall be used to connect the gas hose with fitting type 657. There is always a tapped (threaded) ending on the other side of the gas hose.

Thermal fuse

The fitting standardly contains the integrated safety fuse type, which automatically closes the supply of gas by the activation temperature 100 °C. It prevents gas from burning or explosion during a fire. lf fuses is activated once then must be replaced complete fitting. The valve and the assembled hose has approval by DVGW.

Gas Hose with ROAI Valve {acc. to CCH 2004-01)

Intended far installation in collective housing far the supply of gas to domestic cooking appliances. Consists of a valve with integrated automatic shutter and a flexible stainless steel hose with unlimited life, fitted with a stopper with rubber link. The ROAI and the Flexible are free to rotate relative to each other. The ROAI is fitted with a shutter automatically interrupting the passage of gas in the event of cutting or tearing of the hose. After connection of the problem, a simple closing of the tap is enough to reset it. The ROAI valve and the assembled hose has approval by NF

Gas Hose with 90° Elbow Connection

In some device, assembly with standard nut or nipple connection does not meet minimum bending diameter request . in this case, excessive bending of the product is prevented by using 90 degree bent elbow connection and more convenient, long-lasting use is provided.