Paktermo Quality Policy

Our company which operates in the field of "Flexible Metal Hoses", has defined its policy in accordance with the following issues.

To fully perceive customer needs and expectations firstly, based on customer satisfaction principle,

To present our products in desired time, quality and safe,

To take place as a quality and competitive company,

To use advanced technology in production,

To work with expert technical staff,

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System to meet the requirements determined as applicable and continuously improve the system.


PAKTERMO A.S. Our Environmental Policy, which we use in our production activities with the slogan of "Environmentally Respectful Production";

To comply with the relevant Environmental Laws and Regulations,

  • To organize all our activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and to comply with these requirements,
  • To make efforts to minimize waste generation, to ensure reuse and recycling with the awareness of “Zero Waste” in order to minimize negative effects on the environment,
  • To spread our principle of protecting the environment to everyone,
  • Establishing procedures and instructions to protect the environment in emergencies,
  • To raise awareness by providing environmental trainings to our employees, subcontractors and sub-industrialists,
  • To reduce the use of raw materials and energy by making technological improvements in production and efficiency.

PAKTERMO A.S; undertakes to identify and define the important environmental factors in its activities and to continuously improve the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which it has established to create goals, objectives and programs related to these factors.


Our Occupational Health And Safety Policy

PAKTERMO A.Ş considers people as the most valuable asset in all its activities, and sees creating a healthy and safe working environment as a requirement of production efficiency.

For this purpose, within the framework of the rules and other conditions determined by the legal legislation, in order to prevent work accidents and health deterioration and to create conscious employees;

To train our employees on Occupational Health and Safety issues, to provide appropriate behavior, to inform all employees and to ensure their participation,

To consider Occupational Health and Safety as the first priority in all our activities,

To create a structure that can jointly respond to disasters and emergencies by cooperating with the organizations in our region,

To provide and develop a safer and healthier working environment for its employees, who are the most valuable assets of our workplace, To minimize the Occupational Health and Safety risks in our company with new technologies and efficient use of resources, and to continuously improve the system by reviewing it,

We are committed.     



PAKTERMO AS has been operating with the principle 'Quality Comes First'. Customer satisfaction is always forefront with the best service and quality production. AII stages are carried aut meticulously from supply of raw material to packaging and delivery to our customers.

Our products are tested to comply with relevant quality standards in the equipped laboratuary which is located in our factory. Our quality is approved by TUV SUD Group with ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. AII our products conform to standards, certified by notified bodies.