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Flexible Metal Hoses

PAKTERMO AS. has been established in 1988 and is located in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. Since 2002, producing a wide range of flexible metal hoses for residential and industrial applications. By following closely recent innovations and demands, expands its product range and continues to be one of the leading company in the sector with new investments.

As a manufacturer company PAKTERMO is capable to meet all demands of customers with new investments, high technology and experienced staff. Our products are tested to comply with relevant quality standards in the equipped laboratuary which is located in our factory.

From the first day our main goal is providing the best service and good quality products to our customers for 100% customer satisfaction. We continue our way with more dynamic, qualified, effective service principle in order to meet developing technology and demands.

Except local market, we also export our products more than 30 countries. We are aiming to increase the number of exported countries in order to deliver PAKTERMO products all around the world.

Application Areas


    • PAKTERMO insulated solar hose is a flexible, quick installation system to connect to the pump station and to the storage tank. The pipe system is easy to install, enabling pipes to be run without using a blow torch in confined spaces or on the roof.



    • PAKTERMO Sprinkler flexible hose, also known as flexible sprinkler connection or flexible sprinkler drop, is used in suspended ceiling for connecting fire sprinkler and branch pipeline. It comes with inlet nipple, corrugated hose connected to the sprinkler head, and ceiling bracket assembly that holds the sprinkler drop system to the ceiling grid.


    • PAKTERMO offer a wide range of flexible metal hoses in Heated, Air and Air Conditioning systems.


    • PAKTERMO high pressure resistant braided hoses are used as sprinkler hoses for vessels. Our product is approved RINA and DNV-GL.

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