Paktermo quickflex hoses are resistant to pressure and temperature. It has a flexible structure and allows the user to determine the required lenght and cut it according to the installation and usage area.

Hose Material: Stainless Steel AISI316L- 304
Hose Diameter: DN12/DN16/DN20/DN25/ DN32
Fittings: Brass
Connection: Nut / Nipple 
Segment: Stainless Steel
Gasket: Non Asbestos Klingerit Gasket


The installation can be realized by the following steps;


 Cut the hose according to requirement.


Pass the nut over the hose. Crush the corrugation of the hose with a crushing tool enable to flatten the surface.


Fasten the suitable segment under the crushed corrugation.


Then attach the gasket.